Yesterday, my boss noticed that I have already (6 months into the job) accumulated at least a years' worth of future work in trac tickets under my name. And he helpfully suggested maybe we could reassign a few to someone else. So I helped with the triage, right up until we got to #178. He suggested we give it to Mr. Black, and at that moment my head started spinning around, green foam spraying out of my nose and mouth (this was over IM; I used the old-fashioned emoticon *@#$*$@#*%! to convey my feelings).

"THAT ONE'S MINE!" was the best I could do to justify my response.


When perl is too fast

The idea for this post has been brewing for a few months, but I was inspired by this post from David MacIver to get on it.

I like Perl. From a trendiness standpoint this falls somewhere between admitting that I like peanut-butter-and-pickle sandwiches and admitting that I like clubbing baby seals. I understand and can appreciate the common complaints: the language is too big, its syntax is baroque, it is write-only, TMTOWTDI is a bug rather than a feature. But I want to talk about something else that has been irking me.